Ben's 3 Cs on how to make $$ on Instagram

You can be a killer on Instagram. You just have to know how to use it before you can start make money from it. 3.2 Billion people are on social media daily (42% of the population). If you aren’t using social media as a marketing tool, you will be left behind. When it comes to getting free business on Instagram you must remember the 3 Cs: Content, Conversation, and Conversion. 


Social media can be a conversation starter. Use Instagram to let the world know what it is that you do. Create content that educates people. Be natural in your approach by sharing your interests as well. Be transparent in your postings and stories. Let people know how you feel and how you can relate to them. When you share your real life and real problems/feelings then people can relate to you. This will help build a social media relationship. Share your client experiences and show your personal life. People like to see the behind the scenes and what your life is really like. 


How do you have a conversation? Well you open your mouth and start talking. With Instagram you use your fingers. Spend 10 minutes a day having conversations with your followers. 
DM (Direct Message) them and start a conversation. 


Keep it on social. Keep your relationship on social media because that’s were your clients are. If that’s were your relationship starts then keep it there. Once you have taken their application, comment to them throughout the loan process. Send them a DM. Congrats your loan is approved and give them random comments of kindness. Keep the conversation going on social media. Show their followers as well how you helped them in the loan process. 

Social Media is a marketing tool and it’s currently FREE. If you aren’t using social media to get free business then you are missing out.

 Let's Go Crush It!

 -Ben Anderson