Ben's advise on how to close deals

Struggling Getting Deals?

Don't waste your time with long phone calls. Limit all your calls to 10-15 minutes. Make sure you have confidence in whatever it is that you are selling. To get deals you must do the following: Let people in your life know what it is that you do. Talk to the people around you in your network and share what it is that you do on social media. You must also grow your database. Use the Facebook Formula (talk, comment and follow friends of your friends).

Not Sure Why You Can't Get Deals Sold? Your pitch must really stink! If you are having problems getting deals then you need to cut the things out that suck up your time. You must create the time to sell or it will never happen. If you don't believe in your product, your customer sure as heck won't either. Don't complicate things. The last thing your customer wants to hear is something long, complicated and time-consuming. Limit your pitch to 3 things: What value do you have? How your value will make their life better, and explain how easy it is.

Can’t Close A Deal? The main reason deals don't close is lack of communication. Communication is KEY! You must communicate and set expectations up front. Make sure your processing is bulletproof. My message is simple. Stop living off referrals and build yourself a consumer-based business model.

Let's Go Crush it! -Ben Anderson