Ben's tips on how to have a productive day

The first step to a productive day is to be in early and prepared. Make sure you have your to-do list made the night before. This list not only includes your list, but your team’s list as well. Clean emails to zero (this means nothing in your inbox). Assemble the largest client list you can so you are prepared to spend the first 3 hours of your day focusing on your client list alone. 

Time blocking is crucial to being productive. Designate 3 hours of sales time-GREEN TIME! During this time you must block out the world and have no distractions. You need to remind yourself that sales is the primary reason you are here, so accomplish green time first because when you originate first your confidence takes over for the day. 

After you have accomplished your green time then you can get to your other tasks; such as administration work, responding to emails and then fighting fires. When it comes to fighting fires, you must define what a fire is to you. Sometimes there can be hourly fires and daily fires. Always fight fires last.  If you wait until the end of the day you may find something that you thought was a fire wasn’t that big of a deal after all. 

Never chase. Always stay on the offense vs. the defense. Don’t react and do your best to stay on schedule. When you follow this approach you will finish with a WIN.

Let's Go Crush it!

-Ben Anderson