"Hunger will drive you through it. Hunger will be your resolve. Every great leader I've ever had the privilege to work with- whether they are a politician, an athlete, a musician, or a business savant- got there using one force above all other. And that's HUNGER."- Tony Robbins 

How Do You Develop A Hungry Appetite In Mortgage?

You must pull from the down years and have a good memory of the pain, and tap into how hard things were, or how tough they can get. 

How Do You Stay Hungry?

1. Have a Bullet proof mindset and pay your rent everyday.

2.  Realize you are only as good as your next deal.

3. Be ok with the fact that you can't go back. It is what it is. 

4. Loan-nesia- Ability to forget everything. Forget the details of the loans that hold you back. 

5. No matter how bad loans or things get- Be grateful that you are alive. 

Be positive. Be ambitious. Be driven. Be hungry. 

Let's Go Crush it!

-Ben Anderson